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Drive sales productivity at every showroom empowers sales teams and in-store demonstrators to engage with prospective customers with confidence and drive revenue.

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The choice of high-velocity sales teams across sectors. Used by over half a million sales people! Join industry leaders today in creating sales champions.

There are two sides to every story.

Does this sound familiar?

What are your sellers saying:

“Every walk-in customer has different expectations and comes with their own questions. It is impossible for me to be able to answer all their questions based on the training. So I improvise on the fly.”

No Standardisation of sales pitch

Sales consultants usually don’t follow a standardised sales pitch. This leads to their pitch being incomplete, and the customer under informed.

What are your sellers saying:

“I am under constant pressure to meet monthly and quarterly targets, with minimal organisational support. I have no other option but to find better opportunities.”

High Attrition

There is a deficit of skilled sales people in the industry, and they tend to switch jobs frequently. Getting them to deliver in a short period of time is a major challenge.

What are your sellers saying:

“A lot of customers do their research beforehand, Probing and recommending models becomes difficult in such a case. How can I add value, when they already know what they want?”

Struggle to understand customer needs

Most sales executives find it difficult to probe a walk-in prospect. They are not good at performing accurate need analysis, and rely majorly on guesswork.

How can help you?

Our platform capabilities serve a diverse range of roles and business units. There is something for everyone.

Consumer Vehicles

Consumer Vehicles helps Dealer Sales Executives (DSEs) establish a strong first touch point while interacting with the customer and allows them to make persona based pitches 

  • Enhance the in-store experience for prospective customers by implementing best practices across the teams
  • Help in need analysis and probing customers
  • Let sellers do real time comparisons and pitch the best-fit model for each customer
  • Prepare sales teams to resolve customer objections swiftly with battlecards 
  • Standardise DSE training across dealerships and ensure constant upskilling with AI powered role plays 
  • Facilitate real time  information sharing to the prospect based on their specific needs and interests
  • Get visibility of collateral usage and analytics of dealer activity across regions

Users - Dealer Sales Executives, In-store Demonstrators

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles allows sellers to make personalised pitches in minutes and share the same with distributors via WhatsApp

  • Learn about the company, models, competitors, buyers and the sales process to become an expert salesperson
  • Help in need analysis and probing customers
  • Help DSEs have better conversations with clients, enables them to highlight key features and serve product insights with ready reckoners
  • Compare factors like insurance cost, fuel cost, tyre cost, service cost depreciation over multiple years for commercial vehicles, and share the same with prospects instantaneously
  • Help automate TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) calculation 
  • Practice sales pitch and objection handling skills with AI powered role play challenges

Users - Dealer Sales Executives, Dealer Sales Managers, Business Development Executives

Auto Ancillaries

Auto Ancillaries helps sellers deepen their technical knowledge to consult manufacturers and dealers and close deals

  • Learn about the products, competitors, buyers and the sales process to become an expert salesperson
  • Ready reckoners for the entire range of products, features, and benefits to help make a compelling pitch
  • Variant and competition comparison on availability, specifications, compatibility, performance, reliability etc.
  • Digital brochures and sales collateral which can be customised and shared on the fly
  • Practice sales pitch and objection handling skills with AI powered role play challenges

Users - Sales Managers, BD Managers, Key Account Managers

Features from the Playbook that just make sense

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Impress with Just-in-time Content

With the seller is not left hunting for the right product collateral to support their pitch. Ensure they have all the information they need at their fingertips.

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Make a compelling pitch with Product Illustrator

Help sellers make a compelling product pitch with benefit illustrations, feature and specification comparisons across variants or with competitors in real time.

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Dynamic Presentations created in minutes

Help sellers make dynamic customer presentations on-the-fly, on mobile, and reduce the time to share a personalised presentation from 24 hours to 2 minutes.

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Build confidence with Roleplays

Let the sales team practice sales pitches, objection handling and solution selling with Ai-powered roleplays. Help sellers with confidence to handle real world sales scenarios and objections with confidence.

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TCO Calculators

Total cost of ownership calculators

Help sellers explain the benefits of a specific vehicle in terms of fuel efficiency, wear and tear, maintenance costs etc. and ensure they are able to go beyond the price to convince the customer with the total cost of ownership calculation in real-time

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KPI Dashboards

Get Visibility of Dealership Sales Performance

Enhance dealership efficiency with our specialised KPI Dashboard tailored for Dealer Sales Executives (DSEs). Provide real-time tracking and visualisation of key sales metrics, enabling DSEs to effectively monitor their targets and KPIs, thereby fostering a data-driven culture that boosts decision-making and sales performance.

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Ready for Enterprise Deployment

Prepared to scale with you every step of the way.

Intelligence & Analytics

Leaders can get visibility of metrics with actionable insights on seller capability and how sellers are using content to drive positive sales outcomes.

Security is a ISO 27001 certified organisation and is GDPR compliant. Ensure enterprise grade security with end-to-end encryption hosted on secure cloud infrastructure.

Swift Deployment

Go live in record time with’s pre-built content templates and ready to use plugins and dedicated onboarding support

Seamless Integrations

Sharpsell comes with out-of-box integrations for SSO and data lake integrations. Seamlessly integrate with existing CRM, HRMS and analytics platforms without breaking a sweat.

Our Proven Impact

Reach out to find out how can help your sales achieve its ideal outcome.

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Uno Minda leveraged’s Sales Playbook Automation platform to digitise their sales readiness program and achieved over 92% adoption.

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