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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding begins where the fear of the unknown ends. We know that new ideas can be daunting, hence we have compiled a detailed list of FAQs to help you navigate through the world of Sales Playbook Automation!


What is a Sales Playbook Automation Platform and What does it do?

Platforms like help you build and scale your sales playbooks.

We help you scale deal-winning behaviours for large sales teams with dynamic product illustrations, real time learning, and personalised content.

Our platform ensures your sellers aren’t lost on the ‘how do I do this’ part of sales execution by helping them navigate through different stages of the sales cycle while adhering to the best practices.

Simply put - CRMs help your sales teams on the ‘what’ of your sales process. helps them with the ‘how’ of the sales process.

How is it different from a learning management system?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is built for digitising your standard learning content. It is built for and  ideal to deliver regimented and structured learning with a focus on completion and certification. 

LMS platforms deal with ‘static content’ where the learners are expected to remember the learning gained during the training programs and apply it when needed at work. 

The best use cases for LMS are in scaling your compliance, new employee induction and leadership development initiatives. They are not built specific to sales teams or do not take their day to day challenges in account.

A Playbook Automation Platform on the other hand is built specifically with a focus on sales teams and their day to day challenges. Playbook automation platforms prioritise ‘dynamic’ and ‘just in time’ content over ‘static’ content. Playbook automation platforms make learning real-time helping a sales person when they need it the most - while engaging and convincing a customer and why your product is better. 

Playbook automation platforms go beyond just learning scores and deliver tangible results in terms of increase in sales activities and a measurable revenue impact. Sales playbook automation platforms can be closely integrated with the CRMs to ensure the learning is completely in sync with the sales process and to measure the learning impact seamlessly.

How is it different from a content distribution system?

The purpose of a content distribution system (or a content management system - CMS) in sales is to make sure all the sales collateral is at one place and is easily accessible to the sales teams. The focus is to ensure sales teams don’t need to go to their mail boxes, local files, Drive folders or your website every time they need collateral that they need to send to a prospective customer.

CMS platforms deal with ‘static content’ where the learners are expected to know which content to use when, select the right  content, make changes, and personalise if needed before using it in sales conversations or sharing it with prospective customers. automates all of this. Our platform makes your content ‘dynamic’, ‘just in time’ and ‘personalised’. It recommends dynamic content  that can be readily used based on the stage of the sales process, customer persona, product that’s being pitched and the sales person’s experience. comes with dynamic product illustrations, configurable calculation engine, industry and role specific sales pitch and objection handling support, content automation and CRM integrations to ensure sales teams can answer any customer questions and make compelling sales presentations in seconds.

What can do for me? can help curate, personalise and implement the right sales playbook for your business. 

We help you scale deal-winning behaviours for large sales teams with dynamic product illustrations, real time learning, and personalised content.

We will work with you to build intelligent sales learning journeys, just in time learning workflows, help you convert your ‘raw static’ product brochures to dynamic product illustrations and sales presentations. 

We will work with your digital and IT teams to make sure the integrations are seamless to ensure sales teams get all the help they need to drive revenue in real time.

Just to reinforce - CRMs help your sales teams on the ‘what’ of your sales process. helps them with the ‘how’ of the sales process.

How does this help accelerate sales?

Our platform helps your sales team accelerate sales by replicating deal winning behaviour that has a proven track record of sales success. 

We help sellers understand customer personas, do need analysis, suggest the right product, make a compelling sales pitch and handle objections in real time.

We help your sales teams respond to customer queries and make personalised presentations in seconds, getting the turnaround time to close loops to minutes from days.

We integrate with your CRMs and sales stack to ensure that there is a measurable increase in sales activities and revenue.

What kind of businesses or products get the maximum benefit out of is purpose built for high velocity distributed sales teams. If you have large sales teams ranging from anywhere between 500 to 100,000 sellers operating across geographies, can bring significant results to you very quickly.

Industries like Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Health Care, Automotive, Packaged goods, and Technology benefit immensely from a platform like (You can refer to our Industry specific pages for more details)

If your sales cycles are longer - 3 to 6 months, where your sales person is expected to make a custom proposal for each prospective client, and if your sales process involves RFP, Vendor Evaluation, Legal and Purchase involvement for every sale - is not for you.

Please feel free to speak to one of our experts to learn whether is right for you. Set up a discovery call

What is the process to get started?

The process begins with a simple discovery call, where we try to grasp your sales context while also assessing what features of the playbook best suite the needs of your sales team.

Following this, based on your level of interest - we put together a custom demo of the playbook platform giving you a glimpse of what is possible in your specific business and sales context. We will work with you on the next steps if there’s a clear fit.

What if we don't have the required content?

No problem. A lot of our clients are just getting started with sales playbooks and we understand that. Our team will do a content audit to understand your readiness, put together a strategy to bring you up to speed in content, and help you customise our ready to configure playbooks for your specific needs. We can also act as your extended content team to start with and bring in one of our partners to help you scale your content efforts., image and video editors who work with you to co-create the required content.

Is compatible with iOS, android and web browsers?

Yes! works well with iOS, android and web browsers.

Is secure for enterprises?

Absolutely! is used by some of the largest banks, insurance, financial services and health care enterprises where security is of the highest importance. sharpsell is GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified. We will also be happy to provide the latest third party audit reports on request. For more details, visit our Security and Privacy page.

Can integrate with our CRM?

Yes. We can integrate with your CRM for a seamless experience for users where they can find the right content, personalise it and do a practice role play based on the deal meta in your CRM. The data can also easily flow between your CRM and with a simple integration.

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