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Empower your relationship managers and frontline sales teams empowers RMs and frontline sales executives with content and tools that help them up-sell, cross-sell and drive revenue while having more meaningful conversations with clients.

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There are two sides to every story.

Does this sound familiar?

What are your sellers saying:

“How do you expect me to remember 100 product variants and 20 personas and pitch the right benefits with a retail customer when I get only 5 minutes facetime?”

Product Overload

With an average bank simultaneously promoting over 100+ products and variants in the market. The relationship managers find it difficult to pitch the right product and close the sale using the appropriate collateral

What are your sellers saying:

“My induction and training doesn’t prepare me for real world scenarios, Sales is already a tough job and pressing quotas doesn’t make it any easier!”

High Attrition

It already takes long enough to train a competent field-ready sales Officer. It doesn’t help when they quit even before making their first sale.

What are your sellers saying:

“The world of finance is fast paced, It’s hard to keep track of every regulatory or market update, when I don’t even have the time to breathe; jumping from one task to another”

Lack Functional Knowledge

The sales officers struggle to be on top of the latest industry commentary, often coming off as uninformed; losing credibility and customer trust in the process.

How can help you?

Our platform capabilities serve a diverse range of roles and business units. There is something for everyone.

Branch Banking

Branch Banking

Sharpsell helps the sellers cross-sell and up-sell for walk-ins and assigned customers

  • Help solve customers queries effectively
  • Identify customer needs and make an elevator pitch for relevant product
  • Share collateral, handle objections and close the sale 
  • Practice product pitch and objection handling skills with AI Role-plays

Users - CSOs, General RMs, Assigned RMs

Asset Sales Team

Asset Sales Team

Sharpsell helps the Sales Officers pitch relevant credit and mortgage products based on the customer persona

  • Identify the customer needs based on their persona
  • Make a personalized product presentation and share with the customers
  • Get the eligibility and documentation process First Time Right
  • Practice product pitch and objection handling skills with AI Role Plays

Users - SOs - Sales Officers

Customer Service

Customer Service

Sharpsell helps agents in banking call centers for sales, service and collection agents

  • Product and SOP ready reckoners for managing customer queries independently
  • Ability to cross-sell and up-sell products by identifying customer needs and making the right pitch
  • Practice customer conversations with AI Role Plays
  • Learning journeys for products, soft skills and sales skills

Users - Inbound and Outbound Sellers, Digital Officers, VRMs, CSEs

Off-Roll Teams

Off-Roll Teams

Sharpsell helps the off-roll sellers in multiple ways

  • Providing a central repository for all product information and marketing collateral
  • Working from a mobile phone without email IDs, visiting cards, or physical brochures
  • Ability for managers to monitor sellers’ activities without requiring manual entries
  • Practice product pitch and objection handling skills with AI Role Plays

Users - Off-roll sellers



Sharpsell helps on-field and in-office collection agents in their customer conversations

  • Learning about products, soft and hard collection skills
  • Practice objection handling skills with AI Role Plays
  • SOP ready reckoners to be able to guide customers with various processes

Users - DSA - Debt Servicing Agents, Recovery Agents, Collection officers

Features from the Playbook that just make sense

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Be Everready with Just-in-Time Content

Sales meetings are unpredictable, arms the seller with cheat sheets, ready-reckoners and battle cards that help them enforce points, counter objections and close the deal faster. Just-in-time content can be searched and shared through the mobile or web-based platform during or after a meeting.

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Pitch Accurately with Pre-Set Customer Personas

While the salesperson tries their best to play a competent matchmaker it is really tough to suggest the perfect product to the prospective customer. Using’s pre-set customer personas, sellers can analyse the customer’s needs precisely and pitch them the right product.

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Uncomplicate and Sell Better with Fee & Eligibility Illustrator

With a wide range of products it gets difficult to draw differentiation. Help sellers pitch and compare complex products with ease in real-time. Dynamic feature and benefit comparison generator also aids customers in making quicker decisions by simply comparing variants or competitors.

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Dynamic Presentations created in minutes

Relationship managers and field sales teams are chasing multiple opportunities and are moving from one meeting to another continuously. Help them make presentations on-the-fly, on mobile, and reduce the time to share a customised presentation post meeting from 24 hours to 2 minutes.

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Get birdseye view of Sales Performance

Enhance productivity and visibility of incentives for frontline sales team and branch managers through smart, actionable nudges. Our dashboards and PLP reports provide a detailed view of performance metrics critical for determining promotion eligibility, optimising both motivation and results.

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Ready for Enterprise Deployment

Prepared to scale with you every step of the way.

Brand & Regulatory Compliant

Ensure that each proposal and content that is shared with RMs and client facing teams is always brand and regulatory compliant. Do not worry about missed disclaimers, or outdated product information.

Security is a ISO 27001 certified organisation and is GDPR compliant. Ensure enterprise grade security with end-to-end encryption hosted on secure cloud infrastructure.

Swift Deployment

Go live in record time with’s pre-built content templates and ready to use plugins and dedicated onboarding support

Seamless Integrations

Sharpsell comes with out-of-box integrations for SSO and data lake integrations. Seamlessly integrate with existing CRM, HRMS and analytics platforms without breaking a sweat.

Our Proven Impact

Reach out to find out how can help your sales achieve its ideal outcome.

Right logo helped IDFC First Bank onboard 1500+ officers virtually and achieved over 98% user adoption on the ground within 2 months.

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Expert content available for ready use and customization

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