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Transform every seller into a sales champion

Sales people strive hard to understand prospective customers’ needs, suggest products and services that make their lives better. We strive hard to make sales people's lives better; stress free, effective and joyful.

That’s why we are building : A field-tested
sales playbook automation platform.

Sharpsell comes with playbooks for sales people that adapt and serve them every step of the sales process by: providing learning, content, tools, frameworks and answers that are required to build trust and close deals.

It is an automation platform that helps sales learning and transformation teams scale and replicate best practices and winning behaviour across the sales force for successful outcomes. It comes with a purpose built content presets, dynamic presentation engines and out-of-box integrations to make implementation a breeze.

Our Investors

Join us in our journey to create 50 million sales champions in the next 10 years.

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