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Help your sales reps earn the trust of HCPs

Prepare and guide your sellers at every step of the way with to build trust and create a credible first impression.

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Trusted by leading healthcare companies, powering millions of sales conversations across geographies. Join them in empowering your sales teams today!

There are two sides to every story.

Does this sound familiar?

What are your sellers saying:

“It is really difficult to come across as an expert in front of a HCP who is better qualified and accomplished - especially when I get only a few minutes to impress upon."

Fear of Engagement

Reps feel under confident and under equipped to interact with HCPs due to an inherent knowledge gap. This leads to them not being able to close deals effectively.

What are your sellers saying:

“It is really tough to stand out when 3 reps before me have already pitched the same product to the HCP with no real time help.”

Failing to Differentiate Product

It is really tough to stand out when 3 reps before me have already pitched the same product to the HCP. I need real time help to come across as an expert.

What are your sellers saying:

“I struggle to retain all the information that I get in training and lack the confidence to handle HCPs questions. When I see the pressure on sales numbers from my boss, I see no option but to quit.”

High Attrition Rate

With a high attrition rate of Sales Reps, it is challenging for managers to train new Reps, maintain relationships with the HCPs and deliver results consistently.

How can help you?

Our platform capabilities serve a diverse range of roles and business units. There is something for everyone.

Pharmaceuticals / Life Sciences

Pharmaceuticals / Life Sciences helps Medical Reps to build confidence for effective conversations with the HCPs

  • Ability to make impactful detailing and handle objections
  • Compare product variants of competition products and handle questions in real time
  • Practice video detailing powered by AI to overcome the fear of engagement with HCP
  • Personalised hand holding with Actionable Learning Journeys to decrease attrition
  • Access the latest scientific inputs and Knowledge sharing to build relationships with HCPs

Users - Medical / Pharma Reps

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment helps sales reps educate buyers on the use and clinical application of products on the field

  • Get an understanding of the medical industry, including terminology, purchasing dynamics, technology, government regulations etc.
  • Gain technical knowledge of medical products for hospital/ provider uses
  • Educate and engage buyers, doctors, nurses and other staff for new product launches, proper use, and product maintenance
  • Draw detailed comparisons of products to help the buyers make decisions
  • Handle objections like an expert
  • Create and share personalised product brochures to demonstrate value

Users - Sales Reps

Wellness Advocates

Wellness Advocates helps in-store demonstrators and on-field sellers educate consumers and retailers about the product value

  • Analyse customer needs, suggest a suitable product and make an elevator pitch
  • Educate customers with detailed ready reckoners, comparisons and dynamic product presentations
  • Practice and improve on product pitch and objection handling skills before actual customer conversations
  • Engage with customers and retailers regularly with personalised content to build demand
  • Up-sell and cross-sell based on the customer persona and their requirements

Users - In-store Demonstrators and Consultants, On-field Sales Officers

Features from the Playbook that just make sense

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Regulatory Content Compliance made easy

Ensure that each presentation and content that is used by the MR and Sales team is always brand and regulatory compliant. Do not worry about missed disclaimers, or outdated product information. can automate the update with zero effort.

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Visual Aids

High Impact Visual Presentations

Spend less time creating, more time pitching. With sellers can create and share compelling sales presentations right from the tablets and mobile devices.

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Build confidence with Roleplays

Let the sales team practice sales pitches, objection handling and solution selling with Ai-powered roleplays. Help sellers with confidence to handle real world sales scenarios and objections with confidence.

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Be Everready with Just-in-Time Content and Tools

Equip sellers with cheat sheets, ready-reckoners, and comparison tools that help them answer customer questions, and counter objections in real-time

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Pitch Accurately with Pre-Set Customer Personas

With a configurable customer persona and need analysis engine make it easy for sellers to confidently pitch the right product to every prospective customer.

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Generate Detailed MR Performance Reports

Enhance productivity for medical representatives (MRs) and sales managers using dashboards that clarify incentive structures with smart nudges. PLP reports that are easy to download, and shareable provide a detailed analysis of performance metrics like clinic visits, product sales, and training module completion crucial for assessing MR promotion eligibility. Individual scorecards ensure visibility and drive motivation throughout the evaluation period.

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Ready for Enterprise Deployment

Prepared to scale with you every step of the way.


Get visibility of metrics with actionable insights on seller capability and how sellers are using content to drive sales productivity and marketing efficiency.

Security is a ISO 27001 certified organisation and is GDPR compliant. Ensure enterprise grade security with end-to-end encryption hosted on secure cloud infrastructure.

Swift Deployment

Go live in record time with’s pre-built content templates and ready to use plugins and dedicated onboarding support

Seamless Integrations

Sharpsell comes with out-of-box integrations for SSO and data lake integrations. Seamlessly integrate with existing CRM, HRMS and analytics platforms without breaking a sweat.

Our Proven Impact

Reach out to find out how can help your sales achieve its ideal outcome.

Right logo helped Torrent Pharma achieve 97% adoption, empowering their medical representatives to engage & learn meaningfully on the job.

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