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Guide your sellers move more merchandise and drive sales prepares, guides and supports the seller to have better customer interactions. Systematically improving sales performance.

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Used by over half a million sales people! Join industry leaders today in creating sales champions.

There are two sides to every story.

Does this sound familiar?

What are your sellers saying:

“Customers today search online and are well informed. I don't come across as a product expert who can help them make a decision when they walk-in.”

Confidence Deficit

Most sellers lack confidence and the motivation required to sell effectively. Gaps in product knowledge and communication skills result in poor customer conversations.

What are your sellers saying:

“I am expected to learn and remember everything from the training but there is so much information on dozens of products and variants, it’s impossible to remember any of it.”

Low learning retention

The learning retention from the induction training is low for the sellers. Even the refresher and new launch training is forgotten within a week.

What are your sellers saying:

“I am not a machine who can remember all the benefits and specifications of so many product variants, with new launches every month. This is an unrealistic expectation”

Product Overload

With multiple product ranges and variants to remember, sellers are scared of informed customers. They are not sure if they will be able to handle objections effectively.

How can help you?

Our platform capabilities serve a diverse range of roles and business units. There is something for everyone.

In-Store Demonstrators

In-Store Demonstrators helps ISDs build confidence for effective conversations with the customers

  • Counter comparison with competitor brands with detailed feature and specification comparisons
  • Help in need analysis and probing customers
  • Prepare sales teams to resolve customer objections swiftly with battlecards 
  • Standardise ISD training across channels and ensure constant upskilling with AI powered role plays 
  • Facilitate real time  information sharing to the prospect based on their specific needs and interests
  • Get visibility of collateral usage and analytics of dealer activity across regions
  • Personalised hand holding with actionable learning journeys for higher retention of learning

Users - ISDs, Brand Promoters

Sales Managers

Sales Managers helps Dealer Sales Officers build and grow business through channel partners in their regions

  • Learn about the company, product range, variants, competitors, channel partners and sales process
  • Onboard and build relationships with retailers, distributors, dealers, wholesalers, institutions and long-arm sales personnel
  • Introduce new products and share details with the partners and provide support
  • Up-sell and cross-sell products to grow business from individual partner
  • Practice sales pitch and objection handling skills with AI powered role play challenges
  • Counter comparison with competitor brands with detailed feature and specification comparisons

Users - Regional Sales Managers

Features from the Playbook that just make sense

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Impress with Just-in-time Content

With the seller is not left hunting for the right product collateral to support their pitch. Ensure they have all the information they need at their fingertips.

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Make a compelling pitch with Product Illustrator

Help sellers make a compelling product pitch with benefit illustrations, feature and specification comparisons across variants or with competitors in real time.

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Dynamic Presentations created in minutes

Help sellers make dynamic customer presentations on-the-fly, on mobile, and reduce the time to share a personalised presentation from 24 hours to 2 minutes.

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Objection Handling

Swift Objection Handling

Armed with ready-to-use battlecards, the seller can resolve queries quicker with the right supporting collateral. This reduces the sellers reliance on their manager and helps them appear as an expert with confidence.

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KPI Dashboards

Understand the Impact of Learning on the Ground

Link incentives to learning outcomes for In-Store Demonstrators (ISDs). When ISDs excel in role plays and achieve threshold scores, they become certified. Their incentives are then aligned with their learning advancements and assessment results, enhancing both motivation and performance.

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Ready for Enterprise Deployment

Prepared to scale with you every step of the way.

Intelligence & Analytics

Get visibility of seller activity with actionable insights on product mix, ticket sizes, content usage and seller capability to drive positive sales outcomes.

Security is a ISO 27001 certified organisation and is GDPR compliant. Ensure enterprise grade security with end-to-end encryption hosted on secure cloud infrastructure.

Swift Deployment

Go live in record time with’s pre-built content templates and ready to use plugins and dedicated onboarding support

Seamless Integrations

Sharpsell comes with out-of-box integrations for SSO and data lake integrations. Seamlessly integrate with existing CRM, HRMS and analytics platforms without breaking a sweat.

Our Proven Impact

Reach out to find out how can help your sales achieve its ideal outcome.

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Leading electronics retailer benefited from, when TASC Outsourcing utilized our platform to effectively onramp sales reps across 3 countries during the pandemic.

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